Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crazy hyper good

I tell ya what my twinkies seem to have drank some kind of hyper juice cause lately they have been insanely crazy. They literally bounce off the walls. I wonder sometimes if I was that hyper as a kid and then I realize I was like that the other day. I am in for a. Insane time for when they get to be teenagers. Xman just loves to climb up high and jump off. Thumper is finally overcoming her fear of heights stage and doing the same. She use to be terrified when I held her upside down. Now she wants me to do it all the time. They love the whole throw them in the air and have them land on the bed thing. G Nugget on the other hand is finally starting to feel better from her roto virus shot. She was extremely cranky afterwards. She is a spitting image of her brother and she seems to have his same traits of hyperness. She is already 4 months old now and is really starting to show her beautiful personality. I can only image what the next few years are going to be like. I think I am happy I won't be going back into teaching cause I have a feeling I am going to get called into the principal's office quite a bit. Oh well it will keep me busy besides doing housework.
Time to sign off here. Till next time.
Beer me.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oops. I need to do this more

Yeah I haven't posted in about forever. So a lot has happened since I last posted. This post will be to catch everyone up on way has happened since April of '11. Let's see so in August is when the excitement happened when I had double foot surgery to remove two bones in each foot. That's right double foot surgery with a total of 4 bones removed. This had me laid up for a long time. It was a very frustrating time when it happened but my wife was really good with handling the twinkies while I recovered. Then in October my 3rd child was born. We were all happy and still are to have G Nugget in our zoo. Also later that month we all got to watch on TV my beloved St. Louis Cardinals win their 11th World Series in 2011. Then for me in December I had the biggest thrilled when I wrestled in front of more than 573 people. This is just a quick review of what has really happened in my oh so busy life as a SAHD and wrestler. I promise to post at least once a week from now on or more.

Take care and drink your milk

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sorry about the delay

Yeah, I promised I would do this on a regular basis but I got busy with everything around here.  So to update everyone what is going on;  the big news is that we are expecting our 3rd child on October 21, 2011.  I am real excited again to be a father.  I can't wait to start out new and redo everything all over again.  I don't care what this one is either but it will change the balance of power in our house hold.  Right now it is even at 2 a piece.  This is the deal breaker.  In other twin news, X man has all of his teeth and all before the age of 2.  That is just insane.  Thumper has about 2 more teeth yet to come in.  We are also coming up on the age of 2 we are only 2 months away and we have not even thought of a theme this year.  We are looking at Elmo and Cookie Monster or Cars, seeing as they like both themes. Another big milestone that we have reached with the twinkies is that they are learning their letters, numbers, and colors.  It is amazing how fast they are catching on and learning them all.  They can both identify 2, 5, and 9.  They can say all of the numbers if you tell them and the same goes for the alphabet.  They know a few of the letters already just by looking at them and the phonetic sound as well. 
  It has really impressed me with how much they know already before the age of two.  I just hope we can stay with it with they little one coming in October.  I believe the biggest reason and factor for this is that we read to them constantly and also point out and tell them everything they want to know. We don't do "baby words" we use normal words you would use everyday.  As a former teacher, it amazes me how much working with your kids helps them prepare for everything and it isn't hard.  I believed this as a teacher and now seeing that I interact with my kids how much they have grasp.  I hate when parents use the excuse I don't have time.  Really!?! Don't have time for your kids but yet you have time to play facebook games or your iPhone., but you can't take 15 minutes to read to your kids and point stuff out to them.  I hate laziness 
 In other things going on with us.  Crazytwinmomma is really enjoying her job at the hospital now.  We are all glad she is no longer at that private practice anymore.  My wrestling has really kicked up a notch.  I am wrestling more weekends.  In fact, more than I thought I would.  I am having a blast doing it but it is making me want to push harder at it and to want to be more in shape so that I am "noticed" by some of the bigger named companies out there. 
  Well it felt good to post and I promise now to that I will try to post once a week or once every two weeks.  Till the next time. 
I don't have insanity it is twinsanity.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year.

So a new year has started and I am excited as ever.  The twinkies are in full speed mode as always.  X man is cutting in his final 4 teeth all at once.  This is nothing new, he once had 8 coming in at once.  Thumper is having one of her final four come in too.  So there is a lot of drooling and whinyness happening in the household. 
So since the last time I blogged we all took a trip to Atlanta to go to the Alpha Phi Omega national conventation that my wife and I are a part of.  This was also the first major vacation that we took the twinkies on as well.  The trip down there was great they all had a great time and they loved watching all of the Nick Jr. and Sprout classics like Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, The Wiggles, and Dora.  The twinkies I believe were also a big hit at the convention.  X man was running all over the place and of course being the ladies' man that he is.  Thumper took to being talkative and just being a chilled little girl.  The twinkies got to see the Georgia Aquarium and the city of Atlanta.  They really enjoyed it.  The only major issue was driving home.  About 30 to 45 mintues from home X man decided to have a major meltdown in the car.  The only thing that was calming him down was me rubbing his head while I was driving.  Luckily, I am tall enough to do both and keep my eyes on the road. 
Since coming home the twinkies have increased their appetite a lot.  They are either going through a huge growth spurt or just always hungry.  Another first for the twinkies was that I was able to take them to their first NCAA wrestling match.. They loved it and where able to cheer on my friend.  The kids actually stop what they are doing and just watch him wrestle.  The funniest thing is when we get home for the meets.  X man decides he is going to try out his new found love of wrestling on his sister.  She doesn't care because she wrestles him right back.  I think I am creating some bad habits. 
I am really looking forward to the things that are to come with my toddler twinkies.  I am just ready for this coldness to end so I can take them out for longer walks and to actually enjoy going to the park and playing with them finally. 
Time to get off the computer and clean some more of the house.  I will keep eveyone posted on the goings on here.  Feel free to comment and follow me.  I am on twitter at

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


  Hello.  I have decided that I am too grown up to write blogs on myspace, no one is on there anymore, and start blogging here.  Let me do an introduction of who and what I am.  I am a stay at home dad of twins, one boy and one girl, and no they are not identical.  I get that a lot.  Anyway, I am a former teacher that decided it was better finacially to stay home with them.  The cost of daycare was pretty much how much I was getting paid.  So now I sit at home or go out with my two lovely twins, X man and Thumper.  These two are my life and world to me.  They can drive me crazy and cause me lots of stress but I love them so much. 
  Let me see is there anything else about me I can talk about?  Why yes.  I am currently an independent wrestler based out of Ohio.  I love doing this as well.  This has always been my dream to be a pro wrestler.  Yes I do what you see on TV but I am not on TV, yet.  I am also an avid fan of the Oregon Ducks, St. Louis Cardinals and Rams, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Cincinnati Bengals.  I am sure there is more to write but as always I am busy with the twinkies.  I will be writing about the hijinx that they cause me, interaction with people who don't have twins, and just what ever else I feel like.  I hope this gives you a nice brief understand of how I am.  I will go more into me at a later date.  Till the next naptime.