Monday, April 18, 2011

Sorry about the delay

Yeah, I promised I would do this on a regular basis but I got busy with everything around here.  So to update everyone what is going on;  the big news is that we are expecting our 3rd child on October 21, 2011.  I am real excited again to be a father.  I can't wait to start out new and redo everything all over again.  I don't care what this one is either but it will change the balance of power in our house hold.  Right now it is even at 2 a piece.  This is the deal breaker.  In other twin news, X man has all of his teeth and all before the age of 2.  That is just insane.  Thumper has about 2 more teeth yet to come in.  We are also coming up on the age of 2 we are only 2 months away and we have not even thought of a theme this year.  We are looking at Elmo and Cookie Monster or Cars, seeing as they like both themes. Another big milestone that we have reached with the twinkies is that they are learning their letters, numbers, and colors.  It is amazing how fast they are catching on and learning them all.  They can both identify 2, 5, and 9.  They can say all of the numbers if you tell them and the same goes for the alphabet.  They know a few of the letters already just by looking at them and the phonetic sound as well. 
  It has really impressed me with how much they know already before the age of two.  I just hope we can stay with it with they little one coming in October.  I believe the biggest reason and factor for this is that we read to them constantly and also point out and tell them everything they want to know. We don't do "baby words" we use normal words you would use everyday.  As a former teacher, it amazes me how much working with your kids helps them prepare for everything and it isn't hard.  I believed this as a teacher and now seeing that I interact with my kids how much they have grasp.  I hate when parents use the excuse I don't have time.  Really!?! Don't have time for your kids but yet you have time to play facebook games or your iPhone., but you can't take 15 minutes to read to your kids and point stuff out to them.  I hate laziness 
 In other things going on with us.  Crazytwinmomma is really enjoying her job at the hospital now.  We are all glad she is no longer at that private practice anymore.  My wrestling has really kicked up a notch.  I am wrestling more weekends.  In fact, more than I thought I would.  I am having a blast doing it but it is making me want to push harder at it and to want to be more in shape so that I am "noticed" by some of the bigger named companies out there. 
  Well it felt good to post and I promise now to that I will try to post once a week or once every two weeks.  Till the next time. 
I don't have insanity it is twinsanity.

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